The Secret of Diabetar

The secret to Diabetar is in the food. It is the first food of its kind that is scientifically proven to help you lower blood glucose spike after meal and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. They are made from two key ingredients 1. Glucomannan - a root vegetable fibre from the Konjac plant and 2. Hypromellose - a plant cellulose fibre derivative. Combined, they are used to make Noodle, Spaghetti and Rice shapes.

How does it work?

When ingesting a meal containing a Diabetar product, the enzymes in your stomach break down the food. It is at this stage where the active ingredients in Diabetar are released to form viscous gels independent of each other.


It’s been around for thousands of years and eaten in place of carbohydrates such as traditional rice and noodles. It hails from Eastern Asia and is popular in places like Japan and China where it is grown. The root of the Konjac plant is used to make Konjac flour, which is rich in Glucomannan. When Glucomannan forms into a viscous gel, it slows down the rate of cholesterol absorption by the body, thus, helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.



It’s quite likely that you have already consumed this ingredient in the past. If you keenly follow a plant based diet then you may still do. Hypromellose is a vegetable-derived cellulose that is made from trees and plant fibres. It’s traditionally used as a vegetarian alternative to gelatin capsules and drops for the eye. When Hypromellose forms into a viscous gel, it slows the rate of glucose absorption, thus, reducing post-prandial glucose rise after meal.

The chart below is an average blood glucose reading taken after meal, during a study conducted by Maki, et al in 2009. Subjects were given either a placebo or hypromellose with their food. The blue line, which indicates Hypromellose, is significantly lower, by up to 14% and remains lower even after 2 hours, compared to placebo subjects.

What does it taste like?

Konjac has very little taste of its own, and is prized in the East for its texture far more than its flavour – it has a very neutral, slightly salted taste. Diabetar is completely carbohydrate and sugar-free, it makes the perfect meal for those monitoring their glucose levels.

national spaghetti day

Our range of foods closely resembles the bite and texture of regular noodles, rice and pasta and can be used as a substitute in any recipe. The neutral taste goes with pretty much any of your usual pasta, noodles or rice sauces! Since Diabetar is also gluten-free, many people with gluten sensitivities and Coeliac disease can opt for these alternatives.