Diabetes Health & Support

If you have been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes you may be feeling overwhelmed. There is a lot of information to take in and you may not be sure where to start. Even if you have been living with diabetes for a while you might still be unsure of the best ways to manage your diabetes.

Let's talk Diabetes with Lloyds Pharmacy

Whether you are unsure about the medication you are taking, want advice on your diet or any other information you need, Lloyds Pharmacy are here to talk. Click here to download a FREE support pack and book a Type 2 Diabetes test at Lloyds Pharmacy. Alternatively, you can visit your local Lloyds Pharmacy for expert advice and support.
There is also a wide community that offer support, advice and share experiences.

Diabetes.co.uk offers help advice and information for those diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Here you can can find various tools from recipes to lifestyle advice to advice on your diet. You can also connect with others with diabetes to find support, ask questions and share experiences. Visit diabetes.co.uk/forum/

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation aims to raise awareness of diabetes and provide support to those living with the condition. It is an ideal source for parents and carers of those living with diabetes. Visit drwf.org.uk or call 023 92 637808

InDependent Diabetes Trust (DDT) is run by patients living with diabetes and offers support to entire families. They also raise awareness of the condition and help others understand diabetes. Visit iddt.org or call 01604 622837

Diabetes UK have active support groups working locally across the UK. You can join monthly meet ups, as well as take part in other activities such as fundraising and raising awareness. Visit diabetes.org.uk or call 0345 123 2399. Why not find out what is going on in your local area by visiting diabetes.org.uk/in_your_area